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Why multifunction printers are perfect for in-house operations


Printing is an aspect of the business that may not be the most exciting of glamorous, but this does not mean companies can afford to stop paying attention to it.

Many firms will spend a lot on printing documents and as such this is a part of the company that should be assessed and controlled as any other with a large financial outlay.

Investing in a new printer is a big decision for a firm, which is why it is vital time is taken to pick out the right one for the specific needs of the business.

However, with so much choice out there on the market it can be hard for a company to work out which is most suited to their own requirements. With fax machines, scanners and copiers all to consider as well, firms might find a multifunction printer is the best choice available to them.

Scanning on multifunction printers

Most companies will find they need to scan a document into their system fairly rarely, but this is still a process they need to make sure they can carry out swiftly and efficiently.

Those who only scan something every now and again may not have room for their scanner to be on show in the office, so they could need to get it out and set it up every time they want to use it.

One of the tasks a multifunction printer can handle quickly and without fuss is scanning, so those companies buying this type of device can be assured to can get the job done easily.

Emailing from a printer

Emails dominate office life for a lot of businesses these days and in the era of the connected workspace, it is vital a printer can play a role in this without seeming like an outdated machine.

This is another of the key selling points of the modern multifunction printer. As it can handle emails, workers can easily send documents to the printer without having to worry about ensuring it is in the right format to be printed right away. This can eliminate a lot of the issues that typically arise with the use of an older, more traditional type of printer.

Those firms still using an old-style printer will find the vast range of features boasted by a multifunction printer is so large they are still finding new things they can do with their device months after they have purchased it and got it set up in the office.

Creating PDFs with a multifunction printer

The PDF is one of the most used file formats in the office in this day and age, with its flexibility a key plus point for those wanting to display text, tables and graphics all on the same file.

Therefore it is vital companies have a printer that is capable of working with PDFs, as a lot of older devices will only be able to print text documents, which leads to lengthy delays when they have to be converted to get ready to print.

Being able to create PDFs quickly through the printer is another vital feature that businesses will wonder how they ever managed without once they start using it on a regular basis.

Why buy a multifunction printer?

Colour multifunction printers (shown here) are massively versatile and also prove to be efficient in the long run if they are purchased to replace a number of different devices – such as a copier, a scanner, a fax machine and a printer.

This can also help to free up some vital space in the office if four devices can be cut to just one, meaning there is less clutter, the workspace is cleaner and clearer and there is more space for staff members to get on with their work.


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