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How to File Work Accident Claims Properly


Nothing can delay your accident compensation more than incorrect documentation or sloppy paperwork that omits some of the important facts about your accident. That’s why you must be organised as you gather the details of your accident in written form from your employer and those witnesses who were present when your accident happened. Filing accident claims properly assures you of getting the right amount of compensation in a reasonable amount of time. What do you have to do to make sure your claim is filed properly? Use the points discussed below to help you streamline your claim process so that you can get the money that you deserve.

  • Work accident claims are based primarily on evidence of what happened, when it happened, and what circumstances led up to the accident that you suffered. You should create a file that has pictures of before and after your accident if possible, all accounts from those co-workers who were with you when the accident happened, and as many details about what actually transpired during the accident itself as possible. In this file you will place your diagnosis by the attending doctor, their recommendation for your therapy and recovery, and how long they estimate you will need to be off work for your recovery. Always keep all receipts, even for the petrol that you have to buy as you go to and from appointments related to your accident.

  • You should next get a claim form and read over it entirely before you enter any information at all. The form should be completed in ink so that the integrity of your statements will be protected. The experts at recommend that you hire a solicitor that has experience with assisting clients with accident claims. Having this type of expertise working alongside you can be instrumental in the amount of compensation that you receive and the amount of time that it takes to get your money. Doing your claim form correctly the first time will be beneficial to you.

  • Once you and your solicitor have completed the form, you should read it for clarity and accuracy and ask that the solicitor provide you with a copy for your records. From time to time you can reread it so that you’ll have proof of what you’re asking for. You can check your claim form against the final compensation that you’re paid to make sure that you received what you needed and applied to get.

  • If you have queries along the way, make sure that you ask your solicitor so that you’ll get accurate information about your individual claim. This is the professional that will know the details of your claim, how the accident was handled by your employer, and when you can expect to receive your compensation.

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