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Prosper Offers Three Holiday Promotions For P2P Borrowers and Lenders

Proper, Peer to Peer Lending

If you’ve ever thought about getting a peer-to-peer loan or becoming a P2P investor to provide loans to people via Prosper the social lending network, now is a good time to do it. That’s because right now Prosper is running three great holiday promotions.

The first one is for those looking to get a loan. Essentially, if you’re a borrower who applies for a Prosper loan through Sunday, November 27th, you can get an iPod Nano when the loan originates. That would be a nice little gift for yourself – or a good stocking stuffer for someone on your holiday gift list.

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The second promo is a cash giveaway from Prosper. They’re actually going to shell out $5,000 to one lucky participant. With this one, there’s no purchase necessary. You have to enter, though, through a sweepstakes. You can do that every single day up through November 30th. All the rules and the complete details are online at, and I encourage you, of course, to always read the fine print.

Finally, the third holiday promotion from Prosper is for folks who are looking to become new lenders. So let’s say you’ve got some extra cash, and you want to put those funds to good use and get an average return of 10% on your money. Well, if you register with Prosper by December 12th and invest the minimum amount needed for each gift by December 23rd, you can get one of three great gifts.

One is an iPad 2. (My hubby got one a few months back and he loves it. So do I; so we might be getting a second iPad soon!)

The second gift Prosper is offering is a Bose QuietComfort 15 headphone set, and the third one is an iPod Nano. So again, these are three great deals from Prosper that you should check out.

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